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When do we meet?

Every 4th Wednesday of the month



1 Elmwood Ave, Kansas City, Kansas 66103

Zoom will open and begin at 1:00 p.m.

Via Zoom 

Meeting Code: 817 5083 6001

Password: 677270

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What is the purpose of these meetings?

They are an opportunity to discuss relevant social equity issues and collaborate with members representing various Kansas City organizations. The coalition committees also share progress on their current work.  

When is the next meeting?

September 27, 2023

Topic of the Month

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and beyond


Every meeting we take time to address a specific and relevant social equity topic and discuss it among conveners. These tough conversations are held with dignity and respect for all. Stay tuned for this month's topic! 

Special Guest

 To Be Announced


In order to promote communication and collaboration among community organization representatives, a guest speaker is often invited to share their experiences or ideas related to their position in the community. Stay tuned for this month's special guest!

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Watch previous meetings on our media page.

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Wins. Successes. Progress. 



Welcoming Wyandotte

Safe and Welcoming Wyandotte is a recently passed policy that would create a municipal ID program. It would also issue an ICE non-compliance resolution that would not allow local law enforcement to share immigrant status information to ICE.

This policy passed thanks to the work of many coalition partners including our own coalition member, Irene Caudillo. Great work Irene! 

Many parts of this policy however are being challenged by a bill recently approved by Governor Kelly. The Safe and Welcoming Wyandotte coalition is planning a panel and conversation in response. The panel will be held on April 28th from 8-10:30am at the Hilton Garden Inn, 520 Minnesota Ave, Kansas City, KS. RSVP here.

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