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  • Evelyn Hill

Safe and Welcoming Community

Irene Caudillo, President, and CEO of El Centro, alone with several Commissioners, Melissa Bynum, Brian McKiernan, Harold Johnson, and Christian Ramirez, have worked to make Wyandotte County a Safe and Welcoming Community. On Monday, January 24, it was approved by the Standing Committee that Wyandotte County would become a Safe and Welcoming Community.

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County has appointed a legal team working on language to change the city statutes in KCK that would allow this community to become a Safe and Welcoming community. There is also a possibility of Community IDs cards being distributed by a non-profit organization to all of those residents and students who cannot acquire a traditional Identification card.

The next step is for the Safe And Welcoming Statute has to go before the full commission.

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