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Public Policy

This committee's focus is to identify policies and statutes that need to be changed so residents from poorer socioeconomic backgrounds are not subjected to unfair and unethical practices in our community.


  • Dr. Jane Philbrook

  • Deryl Wynn

  • Irene Caudillo

  • Dustin Hare

  • Stewart Curtwright

  • Kim Weaver

Current Projects

  • Safe and Welcoming Act 

    • State Legislature and Governor blocked the act

    • Working on next steps

      • Panel at Hilton Garden Inn in KCK​

      • April 28th, 520 Minnesota Ave from 8:30-10am

      • RSVP

  • Redistricting Maps and Legislation

Submit the form below if you are interested in this committee or would like to contact a committee member. 

Thanks for showing interest in our Public Policy Committee!
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